"The energy ball is your magical ally for power and guidance." – Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

The healing codes are the Healing Conscious Mind Encodements that are used every time the Merkaba field is activated through the use of Qi-healing, Enlightenment Qigong forms, Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong and Omkabah Heart Lightbody Activation. Each healing code is used for a particular specific disease(s) you wish to heal for yourself and others.

The Healing Conscious Mind Encodements are the healing commands that program or direct the universal Qi healing energy which comes from the unconditional love within the heart when it is opened through the practice of the Enlightenment Qigong forms and Qi-healing discussed in the two DVDs: Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong and Omkabah Heart Lightbody Activation; and in the four books: Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, and Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors.

"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." – Mahatma Gandhi

"Where awareness (or attention) goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, awareness follows." – Qigong expression

"The Heart is the Supreme Master of the organs and is the home of shen, the Spirit. If the Master is brilliant, his subjects are peaceful. If the Master is disturbed, his twelve officials [the body's organ systems] are endangered." "Our true Spirit, which the Chinese call shen, is the spark of divinity that resides within the heart of every human being and manifests as love, kindness, compassion, generosity, giving, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, tenderness and the appreciation of beauty. It is the Spirit of a human being as the divine messenger, the channel of God's will and love. Shen is the purpose of all spiritual paths. It is the Buddha's desire to end suffering and it is Christ's love and compassion... Shen manifests only when the heart is open. Once the heart is open, shen manifests as light that illuminates the path of a man or woman in life's journey toward the spiritual goal and along the spiritual path." - quotes from Ron Teeguarden's book Radiant Health

"All diseases belong to the heart." – ancient Chinese sage "

The merkaba energy ball of light has the ability to heal and rejuvenate any form of creation as it is the living conscious holographic pattern of God Source vibration." – Master Thoth

Love is. Love will always be. Love is eternity.

See You Hold the Healing Codes: Theory behind the Abundance and Healing Codes

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You Hold the Healing Codes
The Theory Behind the Abundance and Healing Codes
Using the Hologram of Love Merkaba Energy Ball of Light
with the Healing Conscious Mind Encodements

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