"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings and all beings in his own self and looks on everything with an impartial eye." – Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Anti-Aging Benefits of Qigong

Multifaceted Health Benefits of Medical Qigong

Cultivating Qi in the Hara & Its Energetic Pathways

Cultivating Qi in the Hara & Its Energetic Pathways (2)

Chinese Tonic Herbs for cultivating the Three Treasures Jing, Qi & Shen

Quotations on the Inner Way

Quotations on Inner Mastery

Quotations from Siddha Lineage Tradition

Quotations from the Power of Now & A New Earth

Quotations on the Three Treasures

Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong

Reasons to Address Your Stress

Rising of Earth's Kundalini (Serpent of Light) & Kundalini Awakening

Ricardo B Serrano's Story

Meditation and Qigong Mastery book

Budwig Diet for Cancer and Chronic Diseases

The Sahhu (Immortal Body) and Its Soul Powers

Sun Yoga and Its Healing and Enlightenment Aspects

What is DISTANCE HEALING and Its Healing Benefits?

What are you grateful for? – the Power of Gratitude

You Hold the Healing Codes

Why I meditate on Hanumanji

Meditation on Three Hearts

Qigong with CCM in Lingayen, Pangasinan, PH

Nature generates negative ions

Forms of Qi created in the body

Being with Higher Self, the I AM

St Francis of Assisi Prayer and Quotes

Lords of Light: Melchizedek & Sananda

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

Qigong Healing Method

Meridians: Qigong and acupuncture channels

Oneness with the Higher Self, the I AM (Video)

Special Call to the I AM Presence

Buddha's Path to Self-realization

Ling Kong Jing (Empty Force)

Classical Chinese Medicine vs TCM

Post Kundalini Syndrome

Atma Namaste Soul Affirmation

Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality

Why Electrotherapy and Qigong work

Qi, Essence of Life

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Virgin Coconut Oil

Root Cause of Cancer

An Electrotherapy Session

Meridian & Body Energy Clock

Oneness with the Higher Self, the I AM

Root Causes of Addiction

Take refuge in the Higher Self

Guo Lin Qigong for Healing Cancer (Video)

Guo Lin Qigong for Cancer

Get Well Verse for Cancer patients (Video)

Guo Lin Qigong Testimonials

Guo Lin Qigong Meridian Theory

Guo Lin Qigong for Cancer Recovery and Prevention (Video)

Guo Lin (Anti-Cancer) Qigong Forms (Video)

Get Well Verse for Cancer patients

Lin Kong Jing External Qi Healing (Video)

Joy of samadhi is bliss for the universe

Pantheism is All is God

Love of Nature and Self to Return to Oneness (Video)

Feel Your Qi Flow via Qigong (Video)

Jedi's Force is Qi cultivated by Qigong (Video)

Pantheism is All is God (God is everywhere) (Video)

The Goal of Qigong is to Return to Oneness with God (Video)

Jedi's Force is Qi cultivated by Qigong

Dynamic Flow Process of Tube Torus (Video)

Dynamic Flow Process of Tube Torus

Torus Qigong with Kototama Chant (Video)

Immortality, the Ultimate Goal of Qigong

Health Benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong

Celestial Music for Healing and Awakening

Torus, the Source Around You

How Qigong Heals Trauma and Addiction

Gandhi's Quotes on Soul-Force, Love

How Meditation Changes the Brain

What is the Qigong state?

Happiness depends upon ourselves (Video)

What Samadhi, Qigong state or Oneness is (Video)

Book Updates: The Cure & Cause of Cancer (Video)

Benefits of Sheng Zhen Gong Practice

Chronic stress causes cancer to spread

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

Happiness depends upon ourselves

Quotations on Baha'i Faith

Hell doesn't exist

Be the change you wish to see

Baha'i Shen Gong and Songs

Cannabis vs Pharmaceuticals

Cannabis hemp oil is antiangiogenic

Endocannabinoid Deficiency

Quotations on Medical Cannabis

Spiritual use of cannabis

Benefits of Medical Cannabis Education

Quotations on Love and Karma

Medical emergency assisted with Qigong

Medical Cannabis Patient Testimonials

Treating depression, PTSD, anxiety

Treating PTSD with Cannabis

Gleanings from Baha'u'llah Writings

How cannabis can treat illnesses

8 Facts about the Endocannabinoid System (Video)

Medical cannabis can revolutionize TCM (Video)

Mahashivaratri and Cannabis (Video)

Schumann resonance and healing

Schumann resonance with Soham and Shannon Falls (Video)

Atma (Soul) Yoga is Soham Yoga (Video)

Vagal tone, Soham and Healing (Video)

Legalizing Cannabis in the Philippines

Aham Brahmasmi Meditation (Video)

Awakening the Soul Qigong (Video)

Atma (Soul) Yoga Meditation Qigong Forms (Video)

Warning: This Drug May Kill You (Video)

Jesus Christ used cannabis oil

Why Veterans with PTSD use Cannabis (Video)

Medical Cannabis Articles

Properties and uses of Lagundi leaf

Guidelines for Selecting Qigong Teachers

Enlightenment Qigong Forms

Medical Cannabis vs Opioids for Chronic Pain

A doctor's quotes on modern medicine

Acupuncture vs Opioids for Chronic Pain

Medical cannabis has no health risks

Return to Oneness by Hand Mudras

Mantras and Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Tai Chi and Qigong for the Treatment and Prevention of Mental Disorders

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Atma (Soul) Yoga Meditation and Qigong Forms DVD

"This is how I quiet my monkey mind - I become aware of my breath and my monkey mind quiets down. Calling on Hanuman will help tame the monkey mind." - Acharya Ricardo B Serrano


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